Cancellation Policy

Extra Charge policy

The shipper\carrier must agree to the charge policies and terms before making the request.

The extra charge will be made to the shipper\carrier in the following cases:

  1. Request Phase
    1. In case no carriers/drivers are available at the time when the shipper initiating the request, offer an alternative to the shipper to pay some extra charges in order to relocate carrier/driver from different location in case in hurry. (system will locate the nearest driver and calculate the extra charges for shipper approval).
    2. In case the cancelation request sent after ** minutes; cancelation fee is applicable.
    3. In case the shipper changes pick-up point during the ban time, there are an extra charge will be applied on the shipper per hour calculated by system.
    4. In case carrier already accept job tank and there are no trucks available at the time of trip or within time frame (specific time). Same as point 1.1
  2. Loading\offloading Phase
    1. In case the loading\ offloading time exceeded the actual time of it (3 hours for each) extra charge (per hour) will be made.
  3. On Trip
    1. In case the shipper caused the driver to enter at the ban time due to the delay at the loading time, an extra charge will be applied per hour to the driver.
    2. In case the shipper changed the destination during trip stage:
      1. In case the new destination is farther than previous one, the system will calculate the trip price according to the distance.
      2. In case the new destination closer than old one and the driver exceeded it, the system will calculate the full price of trip.
    3. In case the shipper cancelled the trip after the driver moved toward the arrival point, full value of tripe price will be calculated.
    4. In case the shipper cancelled the trip and the driver about to approach arrival point, double value of tripe price is calculated.
  4. On Arrival Point
    1. In case the driver delays in reaching the offloading point and the receiver has already rented the offloading equipment’s (offloading point is field project) according to the actual expected time of arrival of the driver:
      • - If the receiver demand to pay the rental value of the equipment will be paid by the driver or shipper whose causes in that delay.
  5. Round trip phase (containers)
    1. In case the shipper request to return the empty container inside port and the driver found that the empty depot/terminal changed from the port to outside area:
      • - The shipper must release the truck and container to let the driver out from the port, in addition pay any penalties in case found.
      • - The shipper will recompense the driver for the waiting time (per hour) in addition the extra kilo meters price of that outside destination.
    2. In case the driver exceeded the time of return empty container, the detention charges will be paid by the driver or shipper whos
    3. In case the driver returns the empty container and the terminal refused to receive it for following reasons:
      1. Damage:
        - Refer to OPS to investigate about any comments on container noted by driver (accident, scrubbing, door crushed, etc.) during the trip from pickup point to arrival point.
        - OPS will decide who will pay the damage charges the driver or the shipper.
      2. Cleaning:
        - The driver must ensure that the container is clean/ the receiver clean it after offloading pross otherwise any cleaning charges will be on the driver.